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Response Tracking & System Guided Prompts

Respond to team member submissions and deep-dive on problem areas as they arise within the meeting feature.

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Team Effectiveness Features

Values Check-in

Provide team leaders and team members the chance to give others kudos for regularly living out company values.

Work Element Check-in

Identify work elements specific to job responsibilities.

Adaptive creates the chance to collaborate with my peers

Adaptive is user-friendly and provides access to information and to groups of other like-minded and high-achieving individuals that together help propel one forward in his/her career.

Improvement Capture

Prioritize improvements based on user-generated feedback.

Daily Pulse

Capture feedback from each individual team member to address problems and seek improvement in real time.

Daily Huddle

Facilitate daily huddles to review progress, action items, and issues.

Work Element Definition

Consolidate team work elements to create an intuitive summary and dashboard.

Response Tracking & System Guided Prompts

Respond to team member submissions within the meeting feature.

Action Items

Track action items and progress towards completion.

Benefits of the Adaptive People Development System


Enables a system of engagement that attracts top-level talent


Creates a custom development plan for each team member across Roles and Skills


Fosters genuine engagement that allows for job satisfaction and higher retention


Provides meaningful clarity around goals and initiatives that inspires action

Our Customers

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