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Leader Insights

Adaptive enables leaders to visualize how their behaviors are impacting their team's performance.

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Leader Insights Features

Succession Planning

Provide individual team members with custom skill paths to progress in their current roles and develop the competencies necessary for future roles.

Leader Dashboard

Review team leader activity to ensure the appropriate habits are being maintained.

Adaptive provides a useful addition to my business…very easy to use and attractive interface

My favorite aspect of Adaptive is that every member of our team can get what s/he needs from it. It self-tailors to individual needs because each individual can interpret and internalize what elements are needed at that time.

Activity Report

Itemize user activity to understand use and progression.


Analyze the platform to understand specific items related to team member engagement, development, and leadership actions.

My Reports

Query the system to identify unique insights related to usage and skill progression.

Skill Reports

Access tailored reports on skill development and identify areas of strength and weakness.

Admin Reports

Pull specific queries related to system use on individual and team levels.

Skill Matrix

Create custom-built skill matrix reports to see who on your team is developing, competent, or an expert in any given skill.

Benefits of the Adaptive People Development System


Enables a system of engagement that attracts top-level talent


Creates a custom development plan for each team member across Roles and Skills


Fosters genuine engagement that allows for job satisfaction and higher retention


Provides meaningful clarity around goals and initiatives that inspires action

Our Customers

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