Why leaders are turning to ActionClass

to elevate their learning during rapidly changing times


Learn how ActionClass solves pressing problems that learning leaders face during times of change, and how you can get started free!



As a leader, developing
your team is a top priority

We know that you've got a lot on your plate. Since the beginning of the crisis, we’ve been continuously in conversation with leaders around the world about how they are adapting Learning & Development to changing times. We know that before the crisis hit you were working on creating a culture of learning by:

  • Getting your team to make time for learning
  • Getting your team to apply what they learn
  • Helping them turn learning into action and results


In these challenging times you have also been tasked with:

  • Helping managers lead through change
  • Keeping employees motivated and productive
  • Transitioning in-person trainers into virtual trainers
  • Meeting the emotional and psychological needs of employees
  • Activating managers to support their teams
  • Doing all of this remotely, for the first time


You’ve tried everything,
but nothing seems to stick

If you are like most of the learning leaders we've talked to, you've tried buying various content libraries, deploying them in an LMS, and maybe you've even tried creating leadership competency models to tie everything together.

Yet, nothing has stuck to create the level of engagement and results you and your organization expect.




Short interactive workshops
on the business and leadership skills that matter most

On the surface, ActionClass is a simple product. We host short, interactive workshops on the leadership and business skills that matter most.

Team members love ActionClasses because they are "no fluff," pragmatic, and action-packed. Most importantly, they walk away with concrete action plans on how to overcome obstacles that get them closer to their individual and team goals.

Leaders love ActionClasses because they provide a simple, yet powerful process to engage even their most "difficult" team members in growth and development.



Over 100 workshops in
40+ Competencies

Our 100+ workshops cover 40+ critical leadership and soft skill
competencies, including:

Building Teams
Coaching Individuals
Finding Meaning
Generational Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Understand the Mind
Employee Motivation
Creating Possibilities
Culture of Learning
Dealing With Failure
Difficult Conversations
Decision Making
Leading Change
Relationship Building
Managing Performance
Mental Toughness
Goal Setting
Sales Questions
Sales Systems
Customer Success
Website Conversion
Word of Mouth Community
Content Marketing
Product Development
Entrepreneurship Systems
Overcoming Objections


Live, interactive workshops with other leaders

Join our interactive workshop sessions with leaders from all around the world.

Expand your network and gain diverse perspectives on your biggest challenges.



Learning that works
for the modern learner

The user experience is simple and elegant, but under the hood, the ActionClass method makes use of all of the key principles of effective adult learning.

In fact, as we've developed and deployed the ActionClass method, we've had several experts in the higher education space tell us that ActionClass is the best application of adult learning principles they've ever seen.



Why the ActionClass method works

  • It puts you as the learner at the center of the planning and execution process
  • It makes use of past experience to drive the learning process
  • It emphasizes learning that is immediately applicable to your job and/or personal life
  • It is focused on solving problems rather than memorizing content


Get started with
ActionClass, free

It's very possible that you've heard this all before, only to be disappointed in a lackluster execution of "good ideas."

That's why today, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We'd like you and your team to experience a Custom ActionClass, free of charge, no-strings attached.



We’ll even give you the concierge treatment

Executives hire us to do this for their strategic planning retreats, associations hire us to do these for their annual conferences, and Learning & Development leaders hire us to do these for their high-profile emerging leader events.

If you agree to try ActionClass with your team, we’ll give you the same concierge treatment we give our highest-profile clients and help you hand select an ActionClass workshop that clearly aligns with your priorities for 2021.



Now you have
a choice to make

You can take us up on this offer and get a powerful $2,750 learning event for free, and learn how ActionClass is transforming the way in which organizations engage their teams and leaders in learning.

We are passionate about improving the level of engagement you are getting with your learning programs, figuring out how to engage your manager's in the growth and development of your people, and proving the ROI of your learning programs.

We'd like to take this journey with you.



Get started with ActionClass, free!

The next step is to answer a few onboarding questions and create your ActionClass account so we can curate the perfect workshop experience for you.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention - every ActionClass qualifies for a SHRM PDC, so you can add that to the list of benefits you'll get from ActionClass.

Whatever you decide to do today, we wish you the best over the remainder of 2021.