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Learning Management

Adaptive allows users to schedule trainings, curate content, and design learning pathways to enable immediate visibility and accessibility across your team, department, or company.

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Learning Management Features

Training Calendar

Schedule live or virtual training events with an easy-to-use interface that links automatically to team member profiles and calendar invites.

Training Scheduling

Notify team members of mandatory and optional trainings directly in the platform. Denote areas of focus for each training and these will automatically appear in team member's profiles.

Adaptive provides a new way of acquiring knowledge

Adaptive exposes the fallacy that knowledge is power. It continually has me put ideas into action. This is the most value I get out of Adaptive.

Training Records

Standardize reporting of training completion, hours, attendance, focus areas, providers, and verification for compliance purposes.


Provide access to learning resources, both with our built-in library along with other company-provided resources.


Prioritize development through our curated MicroGuides to create a tailor-made learning experience.                                          


Facilitate special learning groups across teams or departments for projects, leadership development, high-potentials, and more.

Benefits of the Adaptive People Development System


Enables a system of engagement that attracts top-level talent


Creates a custom development plan for each team member across Roles and Skills


Fosters genuine engagement that allows for job satisfaction and higher retention


Provides meaningful clarity around goals and initiatives that inspires action

Our Customers

Here are just some of the companies we work with:

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