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Employee Engagement

Adaptive generates tangible metrics that quantify and objectify development, engagement, and leadership.

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Employee Engagement Features


Monitor the development process and receive regular updates on how your team is progressing through trainings and other development initiatives.       

My Pulse Check

Improve morale and engagement through a straightforward weekly pulse check which allows each team member to indicate elements of their role that are "going well" and "need help".

Great for engaging team members and help them continue learning

Adaptive helps you focus, get clarity with next steps, and connects you with peers and mentors who share their stories of success and failures that you can learn from.


Update reflections to provide an active way for team members to capture feedback for their own reference or to enhance discussion with collaborators and mentors.

Community Curated Content

Create a hub of community-built learning material, unique to each skill in the platform, by allowing team members to upload relevant content based on their own research.


Connect team members across the platform who are actively working on the same areas of development to promote engagement and shared knowledge.


Understand who can provide coaching and guidance through the designation and display of "Mentors" - users who are willing and able to teach other team members.

Coaching Notes

Add Coaching notes to track your own leadership commentary on what's going well and what can be improved for each team member.

Action Items & Progress Log

Track development progress and activity with a clear summary of development activity for a given skill.

Benefits of the Adaptive People Development System


Enables a system of engagement that attracts top-level talent


Creates a custom development plan for each team member across Roles and Skills


Fosters genuine engagement that allows for job satisfaction and higher retention


Provides meaningful clarity around goals and initiatives that inspires action

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